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Food Supplements

Our range of supplements is distinguished by the deliberate selection of potent ingredients, carefully chosen for their harmonious synergy. What truly sets our products apart is the integration of Sulforaphane into each formulation.

Sulforaphane, a natural compound, not only enriches our offerings but also elevates their efficacy, bestowing comprehensive and enhanced benefits.

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HANGRY Complete Meal

HANGRY presents a convenient and health-focused approach to nutrition. Our formulation combines the efficiency of a quick meal solution with a commitment to quality ingredients and scientifically designed compositions. This ensures not only sustenance but also lasting satiety and energy.

Our dedication to healthy eating means we prioritise premium Scandinavian oats and incorporate bioactive Sulforaphane from whole Broccoli sprouts into our products. This combination offers sustained energy and helps stabilise blood sugar levels. With HANGRY, you receive a well-rounded meal rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, with the additional benefits of Sulforaphane.