Our Story

Pure Food Norway AS was founded in 2014 to encourage healthy living by developing and making nutritious foods sustainably. Our products contain bioactive ingredients and nutrient-rich whole foods that support well-being.

Food is a basic human necessity and can offer more than just sustenance. It can provide happiness, contribute to our health, or lead to illness. The way we make food can harm or preserve the environment. Today, producing healthy foods while caring for our planet is crucial. To do this, we rely on science, technology, and our strong belief in the healing power of nature.

The story of Pure Food Norway AS traces back to 2011 when three people came together: Ladislav Jilek, a scientist and healthy food enthusiast, Øystein Langerud, an experienced business manager, and Ivar Jørgen Bjoner, a successful entrepreneur since his youth. Ladislav has always been passionate about natural healing abilities of plants. He used nutrient-rich sprouts to boost his own health. After graduating from a doctoral program at the University of Life Sciences in Prague, he built a small company producing vegetable sprouts and microgreens. Learning about the health benefits of sprouts, Ladislav focused on the development of production techniques for Sulforaphane - a unique plant compound with a wide range of health benefits. Nowadays, Sulforaphane is the most researched
phytochemical. It helps protect cells, stopping inflammation causing heart issues, diabetes, and different types of cancer. All of this caught the attention of Øystein and Ivar, leading to the birth of Pure Food Norway.

Today we make nutritious vegetable and fruit powders containing Sulforaphane and other natural compounds. Our product range includes SFN-based supplements, "five-a-day" blends, and gluten- and lactose-free meal replacement powders. These products add crucial vitamins and phytochemicals to our diets. Our Sulforaphane comes from whole broccoli sprouts that we freeze-dry, which preserves the vitamins and compounds better than other methods.

We work with experienced manufacturers and partners like Norske Spirer AS which has specialised, over two generations, in the production of fresh sprouts through a sustainable production setup using self-sufficient energy for large parts of the year.

While much of the production occurs in Norway, our research and development is overseen by a team in Czech Republic. With our offices in Estonia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we are dedicated to reaching out to a global consumer base seeking the benefits of our innovative and nutritious products.

Ladislav Jilek, Øystein Langerud, Ivar Jørgen Bjoner, Bernt Olderskog, Irina Sokolova

Philosophy of Velvære

At Pure Food Norway, we believe in the holistic philosophy of health and well-being known as Velvære. This Norwegian word describes a state of well-being where the mind and body are intrinsically connected to nature and our surroundings.

We understand that true well-being goes beyond the absence of disease and encompasses mental, physical, and social wellness.
Our mission is to help our customers achieve a balanced source of support for mind and body through our products and services.

We believe in using pure, natural ingredients to promote health and wellness. By embracing the philosophy of Velvære, we hope to inspire a healthier way of living and encourage our customers to connect with nature and their surroundings.

Sustainability - Our search for harmony

We appreciate where we come from – a beautiful country with captivating, rich nature, and fascinating history. We understand the true value of these today, as humanity faces many environmental, socio-economic, and health challenges.

Food is a basic physiological need. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, food availability and security are prerequisites for achieving our higher demands. Food could be a source of many things- satiety, pleasure, health, or disease. However, the lack of it could lead to human destruction. Our daily food choices leave a significant
ecological footprint on the planet, and we are already facing the consequences. We are committed to offering nutritious food products for healthier people, the environment, and the world. Producing healthy food in a sustainable way is a challenge – and we are accepting it.

We believe that:

  • Applying science, technology, and strict ethical principles throughout product development, production, and management will allow us to maintain harmony with our communities and nature.
  • By carefully choosing ingredients and formulating products, we can create tasty natural foods with a real impact on health and dietary behavior.
  • Organically growing and innovatively processing our sprouts will retain the maximum healing properties of phytochemicals in all our products- receiving more from nature without hurting it.

The key ingredients of our products are grown indoors without chemicals, ensuring efficient and sustainable production of the highest quality. From seeds to the final product - everything is produced in one place using renewable energy. All of these processes reduce energy consumption and pollution caused by manufacturing and transportation.

We are searching for ways to improve now and in the future. Finding the right balance between environmental and economic sustainability and the affordability of our food products is not easy. We are working on it with confidence, curiosity, and enthusiasm.