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Bioactive Sulforaphane from Full Spectrum Broccoli Sprouts

Ingredients: Bioactive Sulforaphane from Full Spectrum Broccoli Sprouts

Health benefits:
Sulforaphane (SFN)
is a phytochemical belonging to the isothiocyanate group and is mainly found naturally in cruciferous vegetables. Many studies have revealed that SFN possesses a broad spectrum of biological activities and has shown extraordinary potential as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and anti-angiogenic agent. In addition, SFN proved to be safe when taken as recommended, non-oxidizable, and well-tolerated, making it an effective natural dietary supplement. SFN has shown its ability to be a promising future drug molecule for preventing and treating various diseases.

Pure Food Norway AS broccoli powder consists of whole broccoli sprouts high in SFN without any extraction, making it a perfectly natural product. Whole broccoli sprouts contain nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals possibly lost during extraction manufacturing, which may enhance SFN transport across cell membranes.

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